(Why we shouldn’t have school uniform)

 (Why we shouldn’t have school uniform)


Why we shouldn’t have school uniforms Because if we have PE, you can get sweaty and you have to wash school uniforms. But if you don’t have school uniform we can just put your White T in the washing basket.


 It would be hard to get ready for school. But it would be easy to get ready in the morning and there won’t be any rush in the morning.


(People might say well what about if you go to a museum)   


You can just put a nametag on each kid but if you’re lost you can go back to the lunch area until the teacher comes back. But even if some kid gets lost they can go to a worker or just use the red phone that is on the wall all the time.

Bronson How we made our boat

(How we made our boat)


Hi I am going to be talking about how we made our boat we first start  with an Idea we were going to make it as a raft so it can glide across the pool we draw it and the we had our boat we needed wood,leaves,grass,and to try find something as a sail we got cardboard. We got to work we got 2 big water bottles and we got tape and we got bubble rabe also you had starfoam. We put the styrofoam and we wrapped the bubble rabe and then we rabe it around the bubble rabe and then we got some leaves.


After we finished the boat, we hear the results.